Live It Up in Jamaica Like Kerry Washington, Five Best Ways

Hollywood actress born to Jamaican parents, Kerry Washington, has been sojourning in Jamaica. Her social media posts are highlighting the many activities and attractions available to visitors and sparking an even greater interest in the island nation. There are dozens of ways to enjoy Jamaica and the following are the top five.

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Build a Vibe on the White Sandy Beaches

Jamaica is known the world over for its white sand beaches. Combined with the island’s lush green foliage, blue ocean and scenic sunsets, the result is a tropical paradise that people are reluctant to leave.


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 Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant Art Scene Downtown Kingston

Kingston is home to artists in a variety of disciplines. Once a month, visitors can join the Kingston Creative Art Walk. A free and guided group tour, it can feature up to 100 artists displaying their fashions, paintings, sculpture, music and more.

Don’t forget the photo opportunities that abound. They include the views of the eastern end of the island from the Blue Mountains, the Blue Lagoon in Portland, Devon House heritage site and Bob Marley Museum in Kingston .

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Master Popular Jamaican Dance Moves

Jamaican dance is a unique and artful blend of movements that reflects the country’s rich history. Visitors can learn traditional dance moves or indulge themselves with more modern forms that lend themselves to Soca or Dancehall music.

 Join the Locals for Unforgettable Street Party Experiences

Everyone loves a good time and few people can party like Jamaicans. Visitors to the island can mingle with locals at any number of clubs or street dances across the island. Uptown Mondays is a popular street party in Kingston flocked by the hottest artists and personalities on the Dancehall scene.

Delight Your Taste Buds with Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

One of the benefits of visiting other countries and cultures is sampling traditional foods and Jamaican cuisine is famous around the globe for its unique flavors and use of spices. Some delicacies to try are the jerk chicken or a Jamaican beef patty. Seafood fans will enjoy the ackee or saltfish. Those with a sweet tooth will thoroughly enjoy desserts and treats that includes rum cake, toto, gizzada, fried plantains, grater cake, coconut drops, or the vegan and gluten-free duckanoo

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