Medical student seriously injured by neighbour during argument over horse

Kim Near, a 42-year-old medical student of ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown was seriously injured by his neigbhour on Sunday during a confrontation at about 22:06hrs.

Police said the attacker has a constant habit of tying his horse in front of the Near’s residence. On Sunday, he was seen tying his horse in front of Near’s home.

He (Near) told his neighbour that he should desist from such, and this made him annoyed which led to a confrontation between the two men.

Near suffered injuries to his left-side chest and head by the suspect who later made good his escape in an unknown direction.

Police said Near was later taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where doctors admitted him as a patient in critical condition.

Checks were made for the suspect at his residence, but he was not located.

Police are continuing to make checks for him as investigations continue.