‘A local hero’- Education Specialist Olato Sam laid to rest

The former Chief Education Officer was struck by a stray bullet on August 4 (Photo: News Room/August 19, 2023)

“…He was one of the persons who you can talk with whenever you had any problem…He was the person who will notice you even when you decide not to notice him…He encouraged you when you think you had no hope,” a colleague of Sam shared as she fought to hold back tears.

Apart from his professional life during which he contributed significantly to the educational sector, most of Sam’s leisure time was spent with those who were dear to him, particularly his friends.

Their fond memories with him are those spent liming together, especially during his karaoke sessions, which was a norm.

“Condolences to the education fraternity on the loss of a giant. Condolences to humanity on the loss of a man who taught of others before himself in many ways,” a friend of Sam said.

Meanwhile, for his family, they are still trying to come to grips with his sudden death.

Education Specialist, Olato Sam’s, coffin is being escorted to Soesdyke (Photo: News Room/August 19, 2023)

“…I am still reeling with shock from Dr Olato Sam’s sudden and tragic death…Sam, as we all called him, was truly an extraordinary individual who showed brilliance in every capacity…With him gone, visiting Guyana would not be the same. The limes wouldn’t have the same vibes and karaoke would be missing his voice and style,” a relative said.

Following the two-hour viewing, the funeral procession was escorted to the St Mary’s Anglican Church at Soesdyke for a funeral service followed by burial at the Soesdyke ceremony.

The former Chief Educational Officer was struck by a stray bullet on August 4. At the time, he was hanging with his friends at a bar on the Plaisance Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara. Sam leaves to mourn his parents, grandmother, wife and children.