Eureka’s first-of-its-kind Urgent Care Clinic makes access to medical treatment easier

Inside the pharmacy (Photo: News Room/September 8, 2023)

Chief Executive Officer of Eureka Labs, Dr William Boyle said his team worked assiduously to provide internationally recognised services. This new facility, housed in a $90 million building, is part of their goal to provide the nation with much-needed upgraded healthcare.

“We received numerous awards and accolades, but the high point is our service to our fellow man. That makes me proud.

“I met a guy from the oil and gas community, he had just come back from waiting two or three hours at the hospital. And he said ‘Why don’t you set up a complete package, one that is effective and efficient, you know accidents do happen…’ This is exactly what we have here,” the CEO said.

Dr Boyle said the clinic will be a one-stop shop that links patients to the hospital without the long wait for treatment because minor accidents will be the focus.

Some services include treating dislocated bones, broken bones, minor cuts, asthma, allergies, unusual marks and bruises among other minor cases that need immediate professional care. Offering this type of service eases the burden placed on emergency rooms across the country.

The laboratories will also remain in service to provide testing for cholesterol, blood sugar, and sexually transmitted infections etc. And the pharmacy will have over-the-counter and prescribed medications available.

One of the examination rooms inside the Urgent Care (Photo: News Room/September 8, 2023)

President Dr Irfaan Ali commissioned the facility on behalf of the service provider. In addressing the attendees, the Head of State said healthcare is at the forefront of the country’s development and requires collaboration between the public and private sectors to build a resilient healthcare system.

“The government is on an extensive expansion of healthcare facilities across the country and we do not see that in any way conflicting with investment of the private sector.

“There are niches that public health cannot offer and if we are to build a national healthcare infrastructure that will be export-earning oriented then we have to get all of these facilities firing on all their cylinders, delivering at an optimum level, and that is exactly what we are having here,” President Ali said.

He added that the work done by the CEO and his team is testimony to their commitment to development of the health sector.

Meanwhile, the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) attached at the Ministry of Health, Dr Narine Singh noted that although the bulk of medical care is conducted by the public health sector, there is space for private sector involvement.

“We see a role for the private sector in providing quality healthcare and the ministry is open to these types of services. We will provide the oversight and regulation to ensure that quality care is being provided and the safety of patients is being ensured,” the Chief Medical Officer said.

This investment by Eureka Labs paves the way for similar innovative healthcare services and infrastructure to be introduced to Guyana’s health sector.

One of the examination rooms inside the Urgent Care (Photo: News Room/September 8, 2023)