Mohamed’s Enterprise gifts new homes to amputee, caretaker

Bharrat Parboo and his wife along with Azruddin Mohamed (right), Managing Director of Mohamed’s Enterprise

In hearing of Salim’s story, he assisted with legal representation, and Salim was eventually freed of the murder charge in 2018.

The father of three, formerly of Wakenaam Island, is now the proud owner of a two-bedroom concrete house.

Additionally, the Managing Director of Mohamed’s Enterprise, Azruddin Mohamed, handed the keys to Parboo’s wife, Kavita Ajodah, on Saturday.

Parboo has practically lived his entire life at the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) but has started to take care of the facility for about nine years now.

He thanked the Mohameds for their kind gesture and praised them for always looking out for the poor.

While he remains at the MYO as a caretaker, his brother will occupy the house.

One of the new houses

Rasheed Khan constructed both houses to the tune of $19 million.

Meanwhile, Nazar Mohamed also noted that his family will continue to support those in need and make a difference in society.