$178M Magistrates’ Court for Anna Regina

The area where the new court will be built (Photo: Ministry of Legal Affairs/ October 2, 2023)

“Since independence, the Magistrates’ Court at Anna Regina was accommodated at Anna Regina Police Station. For the first time it will get a new abode,” the Attorney General said.

The Legal Affairs Minister pointed to the various Magistrates’ Courts being constructed across the country and reminded that brand new court buildings have already been constructed at Suddie and Charity.

Significantly, a huge edifice is being constructed at Suddie to house the Deeds and Commercial Registries Authority and living quarters and offices have already been constructed at Onderneeming to house prosecutors from the Director of Public Prosecutions Chambers who are prosecuting cases on the Essequibo Coast. These are all part of the transformational changes taking place, not only in the administration of justice in Region Two, but part of the general transformation in almost every area of endeavour in the region.

The Chancellor, in her remarks, thanked Central Government for continuing to support the judiciary and promised added complements to the Magistracy to ensure speedy disposal of cases in the region. The Chancellor also promised that a Land Court Judge will soon be appointed for the Essequibo Coast.

The Regional Chairman and the Mayor of Anna Regina also expressed their gratitude for the project and expressed the hope that it will bring efficiency in the administration of justice in the region. (Release from the Ministry of Legal Affairs)