President Ali announces special housing loans for teachers

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand interact with headteachers and deputy head teachers at the meeting. (Photo: Ministry of Education/October 2, 2023)

The consultation with teachers was promised by President Ali in his bid to determine how the education sector and the lives of teachers can be improved.

A plethora of other issues were outlined by the teachers including the need for better accommodation for teachers, especially those in the hinterland, more qualified teachers and staff, access to internet and transportation for hinterland schools, salary adjustments and overcrowding in schools.

“We are going to complete the infrastructure audit of all the schools and all the education facilities, including the recreation facilities, across the country so we will have a gap analysis as to what has to be done and prioritize where we are going to definitely address those issues,” President Ali said.

“In every schools where there is overcrowding we are going to work on that as priority to give extension to those schools in the new budget process,” the President stated.

Additionally, the teachers said there is a need for reading specialists in schools and facilities for special needs children.

In response to the lack of human resources, President Ali informed those gathered that he was informed by Minister of Education that in November this year, 2,300 teachers will be graduating.

These teachers, he said will be dispatched to schools across the country.

At the meeting, the headteachers and deputies outlined issues affecting their respective schools. (Photo: Ministry of Education/October 2, 2023)

Some teachers also raised concerns about poor infrastructure and ventilation in light of the recent hot temperature, which has been affecting the learning pace of children.

“Fans, white board everything will be provided,” President Ali responded.

In terms of internet access, President Ali ordered during the meeting that officials from the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) were summoned to meet with the head teachers and deputies to fix the problem immediately.

After listening to the thirty-five issues raised by the head teachers and deputies, President Ali said in the coming weeks he will be holding discussions with the Cabinet.

And thereafter, the Head of State said they will come up with proposals to address the issues and meet the demands of the sector to make ensure everyone is comfortable.

“Now that I have a full understanding directly from you…I am in a better position to come up with a holistic approach as to how we will deal with the welfare of students and teachers together,” President Ali said.

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand, Minister of Labour Joseph Hamilton and Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh were also present at the meeting.