Rose Hall Sugar Factory recommences grinding of sugar cane

Fulfilling a commitment made, the Rose Hall Sugar Estate has recommenced the grinding of sugarcane.

The factory was closed prior to August 2020, in a move that was termed as “right-sizing the sugar industry.”

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha made the disclosure during the sidelines of the commissioning of the model farm at Fort Wellington on Saturday.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha during remarks at the commissioning of the model farm at Fort Wellington

The recommencement of the canes grinding at the factory will add to the significant economic contribution, as well as employment in Berbice.

“We have seen a number of punts of canes being crushed at Rose Hall. To date, they have produced just over 130 tonnes of sugar,” stated Minister Mustapha.

Minister Mustapha is optimistic that the factory will continue to grind and crush sugar cane despite some mechanical concerns, which are being fixed as they occur.

Grinding of sugar cane

“Many parts in the factory now, we are seeing problems with and as it comes up, we are trying to rectify it. As a matter of fact, the steam problem in terms of the boiler, we are getting leaks and so forth. So, we have to continue to look at those…That is why we have not started the full commissioning yet. In another couple of days, I am hoping that they can get everything correct and the factory can go to its full capacity,” the agriculture minister explained.

The government continues to build a strong agricultural sector that will enhance livelihoods as part of its ambitious goal of ensuring global food security.

The agriculture minister added that sugar cane workers from Albion are assisting with the harvesting of cane at Rose Hall sugar estate.

“As usual, at Blairmont, Albion, and Rose Hall, whenever you have excessive cane, you use cutters from other estates to cut the cane. But they will be entitled to certain payments and those payments are being executed…and you have harvesters who were employed at Rose Hall are cutting the canes too,” the agriculture minister noted.

Notably, approximately 1,100 workers have already been employed at the estate.

Rose Hall Estate is expected to make a positive contribution in terms of realising a total of approximately 60,000 tonnes of sugar that GuySuCo has set as the target for the year.