Blue Hole Ocho Rios Named Best Tourist Attraction in Jamaica for 2022

The Blue Hole in Ocho Rios is often cited as the best tourist attraction, and in 2022, the Best of Jamaica survey provided more proof that it deserves the title. Located in the hills above Ocho Rios in St. Ann on the north coast of Jamaica, the Blue Hole is some 30 minutes from the town’s center and definitely off the beaten path. This natural wonder offers lovers of adventure and nature an unforgettable experience that is not to be missed.

Jamaica’s Nature at Its Best

The Blue Hole is a natural pool made in limestone rock, and it combines a pool of spectacularly blue water and an extraordinary waterfall. The area actually consists of a series of natural pools in the limestone, providing many opportunities for swimming and exploration. The overall beauty of the place is enough to attract visitors, and its proximity to other natural pools, waterfalls, and rope swings makes it even more alluring. The site offers breathtaking views of special interest to photographers and opportunities for rock climbing and swinging from vines. It has been described as a place where your “inner child” can come out and play.

Things To Do at Blue Hole

Visitors enjoy taking full advantage of the rope swings to enter the clear and cool, mineral-rich water of the main natural pool. The water is quite deep so there are no worries about jumping in via the rope swings or by making a free fall from the cliffs surrounding it. It is advised to follow the instructions provided by tour guides at the attraction to make the safest and most enjoyable leaps into the pool. After experiencing the main pool, visitors can make a scenic ten-minute hike to the Secret Falls, which offers additional opportunities for swimming in natural pools, using rope swings, and jumping from cliffs surrounding them. While the Blue Hole is a popular attraction, it is seldom crowded, especially if visits are scheduled for the early morning.

Tours and Amenities

Because the Blue Hole is difficult to reach by car, visitors should book a tour that provides safe and comfortable transportation to the site. There is an entrance fee of US$20 charged to enter (US$10 for children), but many tours include this cost in their price. This can be verified by the tour operator when booking. Private tour companies generally offer the best tours, and these include transportation and guided tours of the area. Once at the Blue Hole, personal items, clothing, and shoes can be stored in lockers for a nominal fee, and there are restrooms and changing rooms available as well. Restaurants are located near the Blue Hole, and vendors are generally busy at the site selling coconuts and Red Stripe beer.

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