New fire stations part of expanding response efforts

Home Affairs Minister, Robeson Benn, Chief Fire Officer, Gregory Wickham

He emphasized the ongoing efforts to retool the service, including building new stations and expanding the service. However, he also highlighted the challenges faced in fire prevention, including the Mahdia fire and maliciously set fires.

He stressed the need to adapt to new challenges and changes in the economy, which require greater engagement and understanding in fire prevention.

Meanwhile, Chief Fire Officer Gregory Wickham expressed the importance of the Guyana Fire Service’s readiness to respond to emergencies and the strength of its Emergency Medical Technicians.

He highlighted the challenges faced by firefighters, including the need to deal with grass fires due to climate change, and advised the public to take extreme caution when lighting fires in open spaces and supervise waste disposal.

Chief Wickham also stressed the need for maintaining water sources, drains, and reservoirs for firefighting purposes. He highlighted the challenges faced by firefighters due to terrain and remote areas, but assured that the Fire Service would respond and provide the necessary service required.

The Guyana Fire Service would like to thank the Guyana Police Force Band, which accompanied us and provided music for the parade.