GPHC completes four successful laparoscopic surgeries

See the full statement issued below:

Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is delighted to announce the successful completion of a groundbreaking day in the theatres of GPHC and the training rooms of the Institute of Health Science Education (IHSE), Georgetown Public Hospital.

Four minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries were performed by renowned regional surgeons/professors from the Caribbean Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (CaSES).

Three of these surgeries were conducted for the first time at GPHC and one for the first time in Guyana, marking a significant milestone in the field of modern medicine.

The surgeries performed included:

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy using ICG Technology: A groundbreaking surgery, incorporating ICG technology for the first time in Guyana, marked a pivotal moment in healthcare innovation.

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: Performed for the first time at GPHC, this procedure offers new hope to patients in need of gastric bypass surgery.

Tip Inguinal Hernia Repair: A procedure to repair the right inguinal hernia, utilizing laparoscopic technology was done for the first time at GPHC.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy: This surgery involved the removal of the uterus using laparoscopic technology.

These momentous surgeries were broadcast live from the operating theatres to a training room at IHSE, enabling participants to witness and learn from these experts. The distinguished surgeons provided narration throughout the procedures, ensuring a valuable educational experience for all.

This remarkable day served as the prelude to the 11th Conference of the Caribbean Association of Endoscopic Surgeons (CaSES), hosted in Guyana this year. The conference continues to bring together leading experts and medical professionals to share insights, advancements, and best practices in the field of endoscopic surgery.

The successful laparoscopic surgeries and the training facilitated by CaSES 2023 signify a significant leap forward for modern medicine at GPHC and in Guyana. By embracing laparoscopic techniques, patients can now anticipate reduced pain, fewer wound complications, quicker post-operative recovery, shorter hospital stays, and a faster return to their regular lives and work routines.

Furthermore, the event provided an invaluable opportunity for participating surgeons from across the Caribbean and Guyana, along with several residents of the GPHC/IHSE General Surgery Program, to receive training in basic laparoscopic suturing. All participants received certificates, recognizing their dedication to advancing their skills and providing enhanced care to patients.

The CaSES conference continues its momentum with the official opening ceremony at the Grand Coastal Hotel, where esteemed local Guyanese Surgeons, alongside other regional presenters, will delve into the advancements in surgical practices within the region. This collaborative effort underscores the dedication of GPHC’s IHSE to fostering innovation and excellence in healthcare, setting new benchmarks for the future of medical services in Guyana.