UPDATE: Man, 33, was unconscious & trapped inside garbage truck after others rescued

garbage truck that crashed into a trench at Cullen on the Essequibo Coast.

Police Headquarters reported that the incident occurred around 05:00 hrs. The motor lorry (#GAE 4065), owned by Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. and driven by 45-year-old Rambeer Singh, was speeding east along the northern driving lane of the Cullen Public Road, the Police said.

Azocar, 39-year-old Govie Daniels and 26-year-old Isaiah Latchman were passengers.

The driver reportedly said he applied brakes, lost control while doing so, and ended up in a nearby trench on the northern side of the road. Resultantly, Singh and occupants, except Azocar, were taken out of the lorry by citizens with the assistance of the region’s Fire Service.

Azocar was, however, left trapped in an unconscious condition in the cabin of the lorry for some time before he was eventually taken out of the vehicle.

The driver and occupants were taken to the Suddie Public Hospital; they were treated for minor injuries and sent away. The driver is currently in Police custody as investigations continue.

Azocar was eventually pronounced dead at that hospital. His body is awaiting a post-mortem examination.