Achievements in agro-processing celebrated as Guyana Shop turns 11

The Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha, Food and Agriculture Organization Country Representative Dr Gillian Smith at the Guyana Shop’s 11th anniversary ceremony  (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture/ October 18, 2023)

Over 3,022 locally manufactured products are produced under the New GMC in 24 categories of food, skin and health care. Given that 60 per cent of the foods used here are locally produced, the new additions symbolise the dedication of 235 manufacturers and agro-processors who have registered with the New GMC and conjured creatively packaged products. Some notable achievements are the packaged cook-up and packaged pepper pot

In developing the country’s economy, the minister said the interest of the citizens cannot be solely focused on oil production.

“We have seen a renewed interest from Guyanese because although now we are an oil-producing country, we heard that the entire economy will be taken care of by the oil but we have to use the resources wisely so we can develop the other areas,” Minister Mustapha said.

The Minister of Agriculture Zulfikar Mustapha joined by the staff members at the Guyana Shop (Photo: Ministry of Agriculture/ October 18, 2023)

The New GMC’s General Manager Teshawna Lall said the Guyana Shop has expanded and worked alongside producers to tap into markets that were never before explored here. She said traditional foods, pharmaceuticals, beauty care, candles, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages all line the shelves of the shop because producers are cognizant of the products needed to achieve the food security goals of the government.

“As part of our quality checks here at the Guyana shop products must be certified by the Guyana Food and Drugs Department and labeled in accordance with international standards and registered as businesses to facilitate food traceability,” Lall said.

According to the minister, the entity receives much-needed support from the government. He reminded of the numerous agro-processing facilities that are being commissioned in each region.

This will be beneficial for the producers who need it. The assistance with introducing new crops and foods into the country are ways that the government ensures there are ingredients available for producers to explore and create new imitative products.