GPHC hosts ‘Feel Good, Look Better’ campaign as part of breast cancer sensitisation

A section of the oncology department at the hospital that was decorated for breast cancer awareness month  (Photo: News Room / October 19, 2023)

Dr Rajkumar added that from the inception of the oncology department to 2023, there significant strides were made in treatment and recovery of breast cancer patients. He said the treatment and recovery outcomes are encouraging and there is hope for improvements in the management of cancer in Guyana.

The doctor’s assurance was directed to the patients who are diagnosed and seek medical care at the hospital. But partnership is a key element in fighting breast cancer for the hospital.

The Guyana Cancer Society and Ultra Care Medical Centre are among the partners that provide medical care and treatment for cancer patients. Persons can undergo a mammogram to detect the cancerous tumor during its early stages or by use of a biopsy.

Survivor of three cancers, Anna DeMorius shared words of encouragement to the newly diagnosed patients and said that her journey to recovery taught her that cancer is not a death sentence. She said after undergoing several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, she can attest that treatment is available and recovery is attainable.

Meanwhile the Oncology Registrar, Dr Latoya Gooding said breast cancer awareness has significantly assisted with instilling a sense of urgency for prevention and early diagnoses.

“Over the years, the incidents of breast cancer has been on the rise and while that is a daunting reality, there is a glimmer of hope to the horizon, the fact that late stage diagnosis has decreased, it is a testimony to the power of awareness,” Dr Gooding said.