First Mexican trade mission hailed a success, plans afoot for future exchanges

Commercial Manager of Mexican drone company Unmanned Systems José Rodriguez (Photo: News Room/ October 20, 2023)

In fact, Magana said a Guyanese trade delegation should be visiting Mexico before the end of this year. And with just about two months left in the year, he said this aim demonstrates the seriousness of the blossoming Guyana/Mexican partnership.

Another member of the delegation, Commercial Manager of Mexican drone company Unmanned Systems, José Rodriguez said the experience was overwhelmingly positive. And he believes there is a high appetite for drones in Guyana, especially in the agriculture sector.

Rafael Caballero, the Director of Projects at Mexico’s Triangle Architectural Projects, also believed that this week’s engagements were very positive.

Caballero said he heard much about Guyana’s robust infrastructural drive and believes that his company would be able to help build much-needed roads and possibly, schools. He said Guyana should seriously consider what Mexico can offer, given its track record.

“We know how to do the things.

“We have 20 years of experience and we are building not just in Mexico but in Chile and the United States,” he said.

So, what happens next?

Mexican Ambassador Mauricio Vizcaíno Crespo with the News Room’s Vishani Ragobeer (Photo: News Room/ October 20, 2023)

The Mexican Ambassador Mauricio Vizcaíno Crespo also confirmed that efforts are underway to facilitate a trade mission from Guyana to Mexico. Beyond that, he said many more Mexican companies want to see what opportunities are available in Guyana.

“We want to tap into other sectors,” he highlighted.

Mexican businesses in the services, tourism, food and beverage and manufacturing sectors are among those interested in coming to Guyana in the future.

Ambassador Crespo also noted that Guyana is a “door into the Caribbean Community” so Mexico hopes to leverage this blossoming relationship to also find business opportunities across the region.