Overheated fan caused deadly fire at NA

An “energized” electrical fan overheated and caused the early morning fire at St Magdalene Street, New Amsterdam, Berbice, on Saturday, resulting in the death of 58-year-old Sharon Austin.

This is according to a press release from the Guyana Fire Service which noted that the fan came into contact with “nearby combustible materials, which ignited.”

One of the damaged rooms (Guyana Fire Service photo)

The Fire Service said it received a call at 04:19 hrs about the fire and water tenders #74, #78, and #87 and water carrier #7, with their respective crews from the New Amsterdam fire station, were immediately dispatched to the location.

The structure involved was a two-storey wooden and concrete building owned by 58-year-old Felix Austin, which he occupied with his family of six.

The upper flat of the house was completely damaged (Guyana Fire Service photo)

The ground floor of the building was slightly damaged, while the first floor was severely damaged and the contents were completely destroyed.

The News Room earlier reported that Sharon lived in the upper flat of the house which she shared with her daughter and grandchildren.

Her daughter, Brenda Johnson, told reporters that she was sleeping in the bottom flat of the building with her two sons while her daughters, 14 and 7, were in the upper flat sleeping with Sharon.

While Johnson’s 17-year-old son managed to save his sisters, he did not reach back in time to save Sharon, whose body was found near the exit.