Gold miner, friends shot and robbed by lone gunman

A 45-year-old gold miner and two of this friends were shot and injured by a lone gunman, who allegedly opened fire after relieving the miner of his gold chain and licensed firearm on Saturday.

Police Headquarters confirmed they are investigating the incident which occurred around 02:45 hrs at Tya’s Bar-B-Que and Cheese Please located at 10th Avenue, Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.

Aubrey Benjamin, a resident of Diamond New Scheme, was relieved of a gold chain valued $300,000 and his licensed Taurus 9mm pistol with 10 matching rounds.

According to the Police, Benjamin and two of his friends, a 34-year-old architect and a 33-year-old contractor, were imbibing alcohol at the business place.

They exited the shop to leave and were standing outside when they were pounced on by the suspect, who was armed with a handgun.

“The perpetrator came up behind him (Benjamin), snatched his chain from his neck and said ‘I taking this.’ The perpetrator also drew a gun from his waist and discharged rounds in his direction, hitting him on his left shoulder,” Police explained.

Benjamin’s two friends were also shot, one to his left thigh and the other to his right leg.

Police further noted that Benjamin tried to escape and draw his firearm to defend himself but collapsed.

The suspect then relieved him of his firearm before escaping.

Benjamin reported the incident to the Golden Grove Police Station.

He and his friends were subsequently taken to the Diamond Hospital and are said to be in a stable condition.

Police said checks were made for the suspect but he is yet to be located.

As the investigation continues, Police said several persons were questioned and the area was checked for CCTV footage.