GFF Access Grassroots Programme off to impressive start

The programme aims to provide young boys and girls with accessible opportunities to engage with the fundamental structure of football (Photo: GFF)

On Friday, October 20, the five new Access Grassroots Programme coaches officially signed their appointment letters and received essential equipment, including bibs, balls and cones, through the Member Assistance Financial Programme (M-FAP).

In early October, the five football stalwarts successfully completed an intensive workshop organised by the GFF Coaching Department which focused on national youth coaching philosophy and provided comprehensive instruction and guidance to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective coaches and mentors for the Access Grassroots Programme.

The training session was led by GFF Technical Director Bryan Joseph, Coaches Education Officer Lyndon France and Coach Mentor Linsworth Gilbert who covered several crucial topics, including child safeguarding, grassroots structure, technical development, the roles of grassroots players and coaches, and the importance of fostering a positive and inclusive environment.

On Sunday, during the first on-field session coaches had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they had acquired over the last few weeks. Coach Dennis Hunte said the afternoon “was a success” and that he is looking forward to seeing more children “coming out (and) getting to understand the game so we can prepare for the future.”

Vibert Butts, who trained the eight to ten-year-old group, added that the youngsters had an enjoyable experience, and that “as the (programme) progresses then you employ systems.”

An important feature of the Access Grassroots Programme is the mobility of coaches who will travel between different venues to provide training in the essential skills to future football stars.

The current grassroots initiatives of the GFF are funded through M-FAP and consist of a diverse range of programmes, including the establishment of nine regional Academy Training Centers (ATC), the implementation of year-round grassroots programmes by Regional Associations, and support for various football clubs.

Under President Forde’s leadership, the administration remains committed to investing in the development of the grassroots ecosystem. This investment aims to provide young boys and girls with accessible opportunities to engage with the fundamental structure of football. (GFF Press Release)