Murder in La Penitence: 3 others arrested; prime suspect boasted of money & power

murder of 22-year-old Amit Singh has a reputation for boasting about money and power on social media.

Yogeendra Sukhdeo reportedly owns a chain of businesses – El Dorado Mining and Security, El Dorado Construction Inc., El Dorado Landscaping Solutions, and El Dorado Luxury and Rentals.

He has since confessed to killing his business associate at a house owned by his (Sukhdeo’s) father in Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown, on Tuesday afternoon and robbing him of millions of dollars in cash.

Over $7.7 million was later found concealed at Sukhdeo’s 20th Avenue Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara house on Tuesday night hours after he was arrested.

Being treated as the mastermind in the brutal murder, Sukhdeo reportedly implicated three of his employees; they have since been arrested and have allegedly denied their involvement.

Sukhdeo later retracted this statement and told detectives that he acted alone when he bludgeoned Singh to the head with a piece of wood, attempted to strangle him, wrapped his body in a sheet, and locked him inside the house before leaving.

The News Room has since confirmed that the two men are not “best friends” as is being claimed by sections of the media; relatives say they were associates who were involved in previous business transactions.

And on Tuesday it was no different. As a matter of fact, Sukhdeo picked up Singh from his Delph Street & Campbell Avenue, Campbellville Georgetown house in his car and took him to the La Penitence house.

There, Singh was supposed to purchase gold from Sukhdeo when he met his demise.

The money recovered by the Police at Sukhdeo’s house

Singh’s family owns and operates D. Singh Trading at Campbellville; the young man got involved in the gold business some time ago with the full support of his family.

The prime suspect is known to frequent the La Penitence house and has been in charge of overseeing it since his father migrated.

“He would come in and feed the dogs and he could come with different friends and they would drive in there and he and he brothers them would come and clean up like on the weekend and so but nobody don’t live over there. He does just come and go,” a neighbour told the News Room on Wednesday.

The neighbour added, “He put camera and so in the place…But we ain’t hear nothing….Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) when the Police vehicle pull up hay, we didn’t even know. But when they go and bring him and they said is a crime scene, is then we know.

“We didn’t even know a body was in there…”

Meanwhile, a quick scan of Sukhdeo’s Instagram page shows his obsession with money, guns and power. As a matter of fact, hours before the murder, he posted “It’s not about the money; it’s about the power. The Mafia’s code of silence is more powerful than any law. Money can’t buy loyalty, but in the Mafia, it can buy silence. In the Mafia, fear is a weapon, and reputation is everything.”