Jagdeo condemns attempts to politicise & distort nat’l position on Guyana/ Venezuela border controversy

recent meeting between President Dr. Irfaan Ali and Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton went “extremely well.”

The Vice President was part of the President’s delegation.  And he commented, “We are happy that we could put our politics aside and focus on our country and our sovereignty.”

The two leaders, alongside their respective delegations, met on Tuesday to discuss Venezuela’s recent actions towards Guyana. According to a joint statement, the leaders condemned the “flagrant” violation of the rule of law by Venezuela.

Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton and members of his delegation during a meeting with President Dr Irfaan Ali and others (Photo: Office of the President/October 24, 2023)

And, they agreed that no effort should be spared to resist the country’s persistent endeavours to undermine Guyana’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In fact, the statement noted that President Ali and the Opposition Leader are confident that the issue would be resolved by the International Court of Justice.

Even so, Jagdeo said there are some overseas-based Guyanese, each with a substantial social media following, who have been distorting the national position on the matter.

“I want to condemn their attempt to politicise this matter and to distort anything to do with our border,” he emphasised.

Venezuela claims two-thirds of Guyana’s territory, that is, the entire Essequibo region and the exclusive economic zone offshore.

After bilateral talks failed, the matter was referred to the World Court where Guyana is seeking a final, binding judgement that the Essequibo region belongs to Guyana and not Venezuela.

Jagdeo said that this is a matter that requires national consensus.

“This is bigger than all of us.

“…Where it concerns our country, our sovereignty, our people as a whole, that is something outside of politics,” Jagdeo said.