Three suspected ATM scammers arrested

The cards that were found in their possession (Photo: Guyana Police Force)

The trio, who were under surveillance, were observed visiting the Giftland Mall’s Citizen Bank ATM machine. Rampersaud came out of the car dressed in a black Hoodie and red short pants and went into the ATM outlet.

Police said he spent about 40 seconds and returned to the car. They then left Giftland and went to the Citizens Bank ATM at OMG on Sheriff Street, where Rampersaud was observed again exiting the car and entering the ATM outlet, where he spent about 45 seconds, after which he exited and re-entered the car.

At this point, detectives intercepted the car and carried out a search, during which four cards were found: one Bank of America Visa Debit Card, one New York State Medicaid Recipient Card, and two blank cards.

The three suspects were all escorted to the CID Headquarters on Vlissengen Road, where they are currently in custody assisting with the investigation.