Pensioner’s decomposed body found in Reg. Two house

The decomposed body of a 67-year-old man, identified as David Jose, was on Monday discovered in his house at Grant Providence, Lower Pomeroon River, Region Two.

Police Headquarters said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man’s death; the discovery was made at around 09:30 hrs.

According to a Police report, a woman was on her way to Charity when she got a foul smell emanating from Jose’s residence.

Police said the women immediately informed Jose’s niece, Vanessa Clarke, who then informed her brother-in-law, Ruel Thurnell.

Thurnell subsequently ventured to Jose’s house and made the discovery; Jose was found lying face up. He was clad in a multi-coloured jersey, grey trousers and a pair of long boots.

A report was made to the Charity Police Station.

Police said Clarke related that Jose suffered from high blood pressure and that he would regularly consume alcohol. Due to the state of decomposition of the body, Jose was buried.