‘One Guyana Diwali Jalsa’ to create cultural explosion

“It is a pre-Diwali event and the intention is to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere through lights, while at the same time being able to stay true to the religious aspects of Diwali. So, the cultural presentations will also be in keeping with the observance of the festival,” Subhan said.

He added that there will be live performances by artistes from Guyana and Suriname.

Additionally, the festivity will see a section being designated for the hosting of spiritual services and activities and stalls with traditional Indian cuisines, and clothing among other Diwali-related activities.

“This event is of course open free to the public and we do expect His Excellency to deliver opening remarks on the opening night,” the coordinator stated.

Omeshwar Siriskishun, also on the planning committee, explained that there will be a two-hour programme each night to accommodate people who may not be able to attend on other nights.

According to him, over 14 exhibitors are expected to be a part of the celebration and it will see some 73 mandirs from within the region participating in various cultural activities.

He further noted that preparation is also moving apace to completely transform the park into a colorfully lit venue.

Siriskishun emphasised that the event is more than just a celebration of Diwali; it is a celebration of all Guyanese, regardless of their religious background. “This is an initiative that is being done through a national organising committee where we try to further promote peace, bring Guyanese together, and of course to let the young people get involved in their various religious activities,” he explained.