Region Six Councillors instructed to produce monthly written reports of work done in communities

David Armagon

All councillors, especially those not attending meetings, will be written to.

“…We are looking at the council in a holistic way so we can get councillors to perform better”.

The requirement, Armogan said, is not a new one but was done many years ago.

It was stopped because councillors were reporting verbally and regularly.

“So there was no need for that but now that people are not coming to meetings they are not saying anything, only a few people speak at these meetings so there is a need now for written reports so we know that councillors are working in the respective areas,” he explained.

Additionally, the councillors will now uplift their stipend on the day of the statutory meetings every month so that they are encouraged to be present. The law states that if a councillor is absent for three consecutive meetings, their seat will be considered vacant.