Miner, 16, stabbed to death after refusing to let attacker dance with woman

Raymond Cozier, a 16-year-old Miner of Isseneru Village, Middle Mazaruni River was stabbed to death in the wee hours of Monday.

A statement from Police Headquarters noted that the incident occurred at about 01:30hrs at a bar located at Issano Landing, Middle Mazaruni River.

Investigations revealed that the suspect and the Cozier were at the bar on Issano Landing consuming alcohol.

Cozier was dancing with a female when his attacker expressed an interest in dancing with the female.

That resulted in an argument between the two during which the suspect brandished a knife.

He stabbed Cozier once to his right upper arm and then fled the scene.

Cozier who suffered severe blood loss was taken to the Issano Health  Centre where he succumbed whilst receiving treatment.

Checks are currently being made for the suspect.