Guyana needs robust education campaign to promote patriotism, counter Venezuelan messages- Walton- Desir

President Dr. Irfaan Ali and Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton, it was agreed that a national education campaign is necessary.

Walton- Desir spoke at an Extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly on Monday. She began her contribution to the House by singing Guyana’s Song of the Republic.

Like her colleagues who spoke before her, the Parliamentarian also denounced Venezuela’s planned December 3, 2023 referendum wherein the Nicolas Maduro government will seek the support of citizens in continuation of its claim of Guyana’s Essequibo region. Guyana views the move as an affront to the ongoing juridical process currently before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

And Walton- Desir said she and her colleagues in the Opposition fully support the government’s rejection of Venezuela’s aggressions and said Guyana must remain committed to international law.

For her, national unity is also a must.

“The time for petty, partisan politics must be over.

“This moment demands that we rise above this,” she said.

Lawmakers gathered for this extraordinary sitting of the National Assembly to denounce Venezuela actions and clearly demonstrate the political unity on the border controversy. They were joined by members of the diplomatic corps, President’s College students and other stakeholders.

Guyana has since approached the ICJ, seeking an injunction to prevent Venezuela from taking action through its provocative referendum over Guyana’s territory – Essequibo.

The borders of Guyana and Venezuela were determined by an arbitral tribunal on October 3, 1899, and Venezuela inherited 13,000 square kilometres of Guyana’s territory (then under British rule).