$842M in contracts signed for road works in Reg. 10 

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill, other officials and the contractors (Photo: MoPW/ November 10, 2023)

Contracts were awarded for the following roads:

1. Block 22 Main Road, Wismar
2. Ice Water Road, Block 22
3. Broad Money Street, Amilia’s Ward
4. Community Centre North Side Road, Amelia’s Ward
5. Henry’s Road, South Amelia’s Ward
6. Well Road, Amelia’s Ward
7. Lover’s Lane & School Access Road, Amelia’s Ward
8. Second Corner Main Street
9 Empire Drive Road
10. Last Cross Street, Empire Drive
11. Blue Berry Hill Back Road,
12. Oval Road, Retrieve, Linden
13. Harvey’s Road, One Mile Extension
14. Bobby Nowel’s Street, One Mile, Linden
15. Riverside Road, Watooka, Linden
16. West Watooka Hill Top, Linden
17. West Watooka Internal Road, Linden
18. Half Mile Road, Wismar
19. Green Valley Road, Wismar

These projects have a three (3) months duration.