Teenager injured after fight at St. John’s College

A teenager was injured and hospitalised on Friday after he was beaten by a group of boys following an altercation with a female student at St. John’s College in Georgetown.

The News Room understands that two students, a boy and a girl, were involved in an argument on Thursday. During that argument, the female student reportedly punched a male student to his nose. Moments later, a teacher dealt with the matter.

When the classes ended that day, however, the male student then approached the girl and punched her in her face this time. He reportedly left the school’s compound after that.

On Friday, however, the girl’s brother, a teenager, went to the school and confronted the male student who hit his sister. Both males (the teenage brother and the male student involved in the initial altercation) were involved in a scuffle outside the school’s compound but eventually, the male student ran inside.

While inside, the school’s headteacher intervened and took the male student to her office. The girl’s brother remained in the yard.

Sometime after, the girl’s brother was attacked by a group of boys from the school. He was injured and later taken away in an ambulance. He is said to be receiving medical attention.

Meanwhile, the school’s headteacher called Police and the parents of the sibling to the school. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.