Review – Woman in the Wind by Sheron Hamilton-Pearson

“Woman in the Wind is a collection of poems that celebrate and shine a spotlight on global women influencers, weaving tales of heroines from the vibrant activism of Greta Thunberg to the enduring legacy of Winnie Mandela and Louis Bennett Coverley. Covering a wide spectrum of women’s experiences – be it in politics, environmental justice, arts or community activism – the collection is a tapestry of stories of women who have marked the world in myriad ways” (foreward Woman in the Wind by Andrene Bonner)
Unlike the proverbial cry in the wilderness – the new collection from Andrene Bonner aptly named Woman in the Wind – Praise Poetry, shows its intent and purpose from the first line of the first stanza and it does not fall on deaf ears. In a modest and innovative move, the acclaimed published author of a diverse collection is not telling a fictitious tale or pointing the way to rearing strong, mindful girls and boys and effective and loving parents – instead, she turns her sharp eye and quicksilver pen to the praise of women of achievement.
Likening her subjects to the powerful Oya, an Orisha or African Goddess in African mythology, the book is a loving tribute to those who have gone on and those who still remain while recognizing and celebrating the unsung Wombman Kings among us.
The diversity of the choice of sheroes reflects the hues of a world often at odds with itself no two are exactly the same but all come together to make the whole a unique tribe with diverse gifts and talents. Yes Rihanna under the skillful interpretation of Bonner has a new life as an Oya, perfectly preceding the deeply personal tribute to fellow Jamaican thespian Leonie Forbes.
All of the women chosen to bring this book to life are special and so deserving of the honor; for they have and will inspire generations past and generations to come. For Andrene Bonner to use her gift of the griot to honor them in words that form like never before heard lyrics is her gift not just to the reader – but to the world. In the chant that we used to honor another unsung Sheroe – Sandra Bland, let us say their names –

Rihanna Fenty
Leonie Evadney Forbes
The I-Threes
Amanda Gorman
Buffy Sainte Marie
Dr. Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley
Greta Thunberg
Wangari Muta Maathai
Chirlane McCray (former 1st Lady of NYC)
Beverley Manley
Winnie Madikizela Mandela
Michelle LaVaughn Obama
Gwendoline Louise Anderson Bonner (author’s mother)
Elizabeth Gale Spiro
Muriel Sylvia
Woman at the Wailing Wall
Definitely add this book to your list of ‘must haves’ it has the makings of an heirloom that you’ll want to pass on. Woman in the Wind can be purchased on Amazon in book format or via kindle

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