Spurned lover hacks off partner’s fingers after she refused to return home; nabbed and tied up by villagers

Cherriel Fredricks, a 48-year-old woman of Parika Backdam, East Bank Essequibo, is currently hospitalised after four of her fingers were chopped off by her partner when she hit him with a belna after he grabbed her hand and tried to drag her back to their house.

The incident occurred at around 06:30 hrs Wednesday morning at Parika Backdam.

Police said the suspect – Michael McClennon, 43 – and Fredricks lived together but she left their home three weeks ago after they had a disagreement.

Fredricks found refuge at her sister’s place and that’s where McClennon went to visit Wednesday morning and asked her to return home, but she refused.

He then proceeded to grab her hand to pull her out of the yard. As a result, the woman lashed the suspect in his head with a rolling pin, commonly known as “belna”.

The victim’s daughter then rushed in with a cutlass, but the suspect took it away from her and used it to chop the victim on her left hand, causing her injuries. He then tried to escape, throwing the cutlass in a nearby trench. However, he was captured by neighbours and tied up.

The victim was then rushed to Leonora Cottage Hospital and the suspect was taken to Parika Police Station. The victim was seen and examined by a doctor on duty and later transferred to West Demerara Regional Hospital, where she remains a patient.  Investigations are ongoing.