Jagdeo says only house lot applicants prior to 2020 can get lands now

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo on Thursday dismissed new claims of corruption in the sale and allocation of house lots and again admonished persons who are making these allegations to ensure that official reports are made to the police.

He also called for such information, without prejudice, to be made public and if necessary, posted on social media for transparency.

The Irfaan Ali government had promised to deliver 50,000 house lots before the end of his first term in office and so far, some 30,000 allocations have been made.

But the aggressive housing drive has been affected by claims of corruption and the government says it will not condone any such acts.

Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

In fact, the Vice President said while some persons have sought to malign officials at the Ministry of Housing and Water, he believes that if culprits of corruption exist, they are largely outsiders.

“We have heard of scams in the housing sector…many people are duped by outsiders.

“Any information about scammers, go report it to police. Don’t even go to the Ministry, carry it to the police or put it on social media if you are sure about it…we don’t have a problem with that,” Jagdeo contended.

In the vein of transparency, Jagdeo said only persons who applied for house lots before 2020 are being allocated at this time, except in special circumstances, and all those who applied after 2020 will have to wait much longer.

“People can get house lots immediately if they made applications before the year 2019.

“You don’t have to pay anyone. You just have to go in to the Ministry of Housing.

“If you applied in 2020, 2021, or 2022, don’t go to the ministry, you will not get it now…and if you want to pay anyone, it will be illegal for you to do that now or for them to help you.

“You have to wait,” Jagdeo noted.

Earlier on Thursday, a statement by Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Water, Bishram Kuppen, reminded that the ministry is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and service in the exercise of its mandate and encouraged anyone with solid evidence of corrupt activities to come forward and report it immediately to the Guyana Police Force.

“All information received will be treated with strict confidence and will be used in our internal investigations. We are committed to thoroughly investigating any genuine reports of misconduct within the Ministry,” the statement noted.

Members of the public are also reminded that all applications for house lots are processed directly at the Ministry of Housing and Water and its Regional Offices by authorized employees. The ministry does not have any middlemen or external agents who are authorized to conduct business on its behalf.