Border Controversy: Reckless acts will not prevail where freedom & democracy stands – Pres. Ali

December 03, 2023 referendum, Venezuela essentially seeks to authorise ownership of the expanse of land known as Guyana’s Essequibo and create a state within Venezuela.

But President Ali said that Venezuela’s increasingly isolated regime will not be tolerated or replicated.

“Guyana is on the right side of human dignity and international law, we intend to continue diplomatic pursuit and that is enshrined in the charter of the United Nations (to settle) this controversy at the ICJ.

“That is where it must be settled. We have noted the continuous trend and narrative by Venezuelans – make no mistake, part of that narrative is to infill fear in the minds s and hearts of Guyanese people.

“Every ounce of blood in me and energy in me believes in democracy and the rule of law and the freedom of people. Unlike our neighbours who pursue the propaganda, we don’t stand on dictatorship, we stand on freedom and democracy,” the Head of State said.

As part of the referendum, the Venezuelan government is asking its people to agree or reject the 1899 Arbitral Award; they are also being asked to say whether they support the Geneva Agreement as the only means to settle the controversy.

President Dr Irfaan Ali has assured the joint Services is enforcing security efforts. (Photo: Office of the President/ November 24, 2023)

But with the support of international partners, President Ali said the issue is not being taken for granted.

“We and our international partners believe strongly in the democracy and the rule of law and in every country in which democracy is cast aside, and the rule of law is set aside, if you check history, in every one of those countries, there comes a time when their ambition and lack of rule-way system allows them to behave and speak and act in reckless manners.

“We remain hopeful that Venezuela will not allow itself to act recklessly but we are not taking anything for granted,” President Ali emphasized.

The President has commenced outreaches to meet with his citizens and offer reassurances that their homes and livelihoods will not be disrupted. He reminded that this week there were several visits to at least six communities along Guyana’s border with Venezuela.

President Ali met with men and women in uniform and the Joint Services is stepping up its security focus as part of national efforts to ensure Guyanese are safe from any threats.