Sod turned for US$4.9 million modern College of Medical Sciences

Education Minister Priya Manickchand [third from right], University of Guyana’s Vice Chancellor, Paloma Mohammed-Martin [third from left] and Health Minister Frank Anthony [second from right] along with other officials at the sod turning ceremony on Friday. (Photo: Ministry of Education/November 24, 2023)

Vice Chancellor of UG, Dr Paloma Mohammed-Martin highlighted the critical need, noting that the university rejects eligible medical students annually due to insufficient space.

“It is always heartbreaking to us to have to turn away large numbers of students who are eligible but we don’t have the space, so this building is going to solve one of those problems.

“This project has been long in the making,” the Vice Chancellor added, explaining that the project went through a long design and highly consultative and redesign process.

The site of the US$4.9 million College of Medical Sciences building at the University of Guyana. (Photo: News Room/November 24, 2023)

Education Minister Priya Manickchand echoed similar sentiments and emphasised its timeliness.

She said once completed, the college will not only cater to prospective doctors but also enhance the country’s healthcare sector.

“I would like personally, as a citizen, to be able to rely on the health services in my country and to be able to rely on the training of those who will sit with a stethoscope and tell me what is wrong with me and how I should fix it,” Minister Manickchand said.

She further noted that anything that can be done to improve education and retain more persons in the country, should be “exploited, explored and implemented.”

An artist impression of the US$4.9 million College of Medical Sciences building at the University of Guyana.

Meanwhile, Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony said the government has been rapidly expanding healthcare in Guyana and in order to do that more persons need to be trained.

Despite challenges in retaining healthcare workers, he mentioned plans to further expand the system in the next three to four years, including the construction of several hospitals across the country.