Woman releases faith related book inspired by her father’s passing 

Frances Carryl with her mother, Lavern (immediate left) and her father, Francis (immediate right) (Photo: Facebook)

“It just happened almost by accident, it was just a means through which I was thinking through what I was going through and I was trying to flesh out certain questions and in one question in particular, how do we reconcile belief in a good God when something as terrible as this happened and through writing I was able to explore a bit more what I wouldn’t have been able to if I had to sit and speak with somebody,” Frances said.

She eventually gathered her thoughts on paper and in February 2023 the book was published. In July she started marketing the book which can be purchased on Amazon or at the Babe Cave in Georgetown.

She remembers her father to be a good Christian, husband and community leader. He worked with ministers of government and she refers to him as the strength of the family. He was married to her mother, Lavern and fathered two girls.

The woman recalls being able to speak to her father about many aspects of her life and feels as though nothing was left unsaid.