Skeletal remains of woman found in Berbice house

Police are investigating the discovery of human skeletal remains at Lot 124 West Public Road, No.63 Village Corentyne,  Berbice.

The discovery was made at about 12:00 hrs on November 29, and it is suspected to be that of Yogenie Nankishore, also called Sunita, a 49-year-old woman of the same address.

Police Headquarters reported that Nankishore was not seen or could not be contacted by relatives and residents via phone call and visits for a period of about five to six months.

As such, an official report was made to the Police after which ranks visited the home and discovered the remains on a bed in the front bedroom of the home.

No foul play was suspected, since the home was secured internally, the Police reported.

The remains were then escorted to Skeldon Public Hospital and examined by a doctor on duty, who stated that the person died about five to six months ago.

The remains were taken to Bailey’s Funeral home. Investigations continue.