Golden Arrowhead continues to fly on Guyana’s border with Venezuela – GDF clarifies

The Guyana Defence Force wishes to clarify misinformation circulating on social media regarding a video depicting the hoisting of a Venezuelan flag purportedly replacing the GOLDEN ARROWHEAD along our Western border in Essequibo.

The video in question is not from Guyana, and we categorically state that the flag being lowered is not the recently hoisted GOLDEN ARROWHEAD along our border. Clear distinctions between the two locations are evident in the accompanying photographs. Notably, the recently installed plaque at the authentic site is absent in the video in question. The public must understand that the video’s content is misleading and does not represent any activity or incident within Guyana.

We appreciate the public’s vigilance and encourage reliance on verified sources for accurate information and urge the responsible sharing of information.

The Guyana Defence Force remains steadfast in its duty to serve this nation.