Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha observes 50 years of service, Hindu leadership with special Puja, Satsangh

A photo from the launch of the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha on January 8, 1974

Through its tireless efforts, the Dharmic Sabha successfully initiated and organized numerous cultural events, religious festivals, and educational programs, enriching the lives of countless individuals, and building greater understanding and appreciation among all for Hinduism and Indian culture. Notable initiatives, in this regard, are the Diwali Motorcade, Phagwah celebrations including Holi Utsav and Chowtaal Samelan, Prathna Satsangh, Naya Zamana and Kala Utsav. The Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s iconic Diwali Motorcade is a beautiful and tangible symbol of unity and celebration of light across Guyana.

Although its primary mission revolves around the education of Hindus in the values and concepts of Hinduism, over the years, Dharmic Sabha expanded the ambit of its work to include areas of education, social issues, health and wellbeing, and community service. The Dharmic Rama Krishna Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools and the Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud Dharmic Sanskritik Kendra are established centers of academic excellence and cultural learning. Bal Nivas provides much needed shelter and support for vulnerable children.

In 2019, the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha was recognized by the Government of India with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award, the highest Indian Award given to an organization established by Overseas Indian Diaspora for its outstanding achievement in the field of community service and in recognition of the valuable contribution in promoting Indian culture.

“Dharmic Sabha’s 50th anniversary is a momentous occasion to reflect on the extraordinary achievements and contributions made by the organization. Under 40 years of visionary leadership by Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud and dedication of the founding members, Harry Ramdass, Dalin Chand Persaud, Mohanlall Sahadeo, Sukhdeo Ramsaroop, Rambaran, Sital Persaud, Mahase, C. Ramsaroop, Luckie Narine, Harry Persaud and M. Ramsay, a solid foundation emerged and was sustained and expanded under the dynamic ten-year stewardship of Dr. Vindhya Vasini Persaud.

“The leadership and membership of the Sabha’s nine Praants, Mahila Mandalees, Dharmic Naujawaans and affiliated mandirs must be lauded for their dedication, over 5 decades, in promulgating and sustaining the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s impressive array of programmes and initiatives. Dharmic Sabha extends its heartfelt gratitude to its members, volunteers and supporters for their invaluable contributions over the years. Their unwavering support has been instrumental in the organization’s success,” a statement noted.

As the Sabha attains its 50th milestone, it look towards the future, remaining steadfast in its commitment to serve Guyana, and to continuing to provide leadership to the Hindu community with humility, dignity and integrity.

The organization is reminded of Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud’s first anniversary remarks – “the future is boundless and the opportunities unlimited.”