Warhead successfully removed from child’s throat, suspect arrested

Doctors at the Linden Hospital Complex have successfully removed a warhead from the throat of a five-year-old girl and handed it over to the Police.

Police Headquarters revealed that the child remains at the hospital in a stable condition.

The warhead was photographed, marked and sealed, and will be escorted to the GPF’s Ballistics Section for analysis.

Meanwhile, at about 17:15 hrs on Thursday, a Detective Inspector and other ranks in the Division arrested the suspect at the Mackenzie bridge.

He was identified as Shemar Ceasar called ‘Mama’, a 24-year-old taxi driver of Half Mile, Wismar Linden.

He was immediately escorted to his apartment, where a search was conducted in his presence, but nothing of evidential value was found.

The suspect was then escorted to Mackenzie Police Station, where his hands were swabbed for gun powder residue.

Detectives also conducted a video and audio interview with the suspect at the Mackenzie Police Station.

Prior to the interview, the suspect was told that on Wednesday 10th January, 2024, at Half Mile, he discharged a loaded firearm and caused injury to the child who lives in the apartment next to his.

In his reply, he said, among other things, “Officer, is me friend (name withheld) bring de gun and gee me fu keep last night and I try to teck out de magazine and de weapon go off.”

According to the Police, the suspect was asked about the weapon and he claimed that he went at the Four Corner and gave it back to his friend. Police are currently making efforts to contact the ‘friend’.

Investigations continue.