Deleep Singh unanimously re-elected Essequibo Cricket Board president

Members of the new executive of the Essequibo Cricket Board

Rooplall Looknauth assumes the position of Treasurer, with assistance from Adjodha Lall. Basil Persaud, the Caretaker of the ECB Hostel, steps into the role of Public Relations Officer, while Kumar Dass takes charge as Marketing Manager.

Yogeshwar Lall, a former national youth player, brings his expertise to the position of Chairman of the Competitions Committee.

Janice Griffith and Khemraj Surujpaul will serve as Trustees, ensuring the integrity of the board.

The crucial role of Auditor for the ECB has been entrusted to PKF Barcellos/Narine Chartered Accountants, emphasising the commitment to financial transparency and accountability within the organisation.

In his statement upon re-election, Singh expressed a commitment to continuing cricket development.

He emphasised the importance of providing every young man and woman with the opportunities they deserve to play cricket, despite challenges such as transportation, grounds and sponsorship.

Singh also highlighted the need for strengthening of the area committees, and envisioned a collaborative effort to overcome obstacles. He also mentioned plans for the ECB cricket hostel to become operable this year.

Present at the election was CWI Director and President of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Bissoondyal Singh and CEO of the GCB, Claude Raphael.