Kascon Engineering Services to provide monthly stipend to young talent Adrian Hetmyer

Rafeek Kasim speaking at the presentation ceremony

“We at Kascon Engineering have one saying, ‘Test cricket was made for the Gods, average men play ODI and T20 cricket,” Kasim said.

“With three double-centuries at the age of 14, with an uncle who played at the highest level, with a father whose name is synonymous with a complete cricketer, and probably the best all-rounder in the Canje district, Mr. Adrian Hetmyer, we at Kascon Engineering are proud to be part of your life for the next 12 months. We are more than grateful to have you part of our family.”

“We do hope in whatever way we can make your life better, just know we are always here for you.”

Young Hetmyer expressed his gratitude to Kasim and his company for the support. He noted that this sponsorship will benefit him significantly in his career.

Already a national Under-15 player, Adrian is aiming to go one step higher in 2024 at the regional level.

Noting that he had a bad regional season in 2023, the young player is aiming to improve in the coming season.

President of the Berbice Cricket Board Dr. Cecil Beharry was also present, and he spoke highly of young Hetmyer.

Additionally, Coach of the Rose Hall Canje Community Centre Cricket Club, Ameer Rahaman was in high praise for Kascon, for recognising Adrian’s talent.

A right-handed batsman, Adrian was recently called up to the Guyana Harpy Eagles senior trials, while in Berbice, he has featured in senior and junior club cricket, where he has shown he is a cut above the rest.

Additionally, Kasim donated cricket balls to the Rose Hall Canje Community Centre Cricket Club, as he believes that club has shown significant growth in producing quality cricketers.

Kascon Engineering is a company in Guyana which specialises in the construction of roads, buildings, and sea defenses.

Kasim is no stranger to cricket, as he played the game competitively and has served in administrative roles.

He was once at the helm of the Young Warriors Cricket Club.