UG’s first female graduate, Bebe Isha Beekie, remembered as trailblazer

Dr. Raj Beekie

 In her reflective poem, where she wrote about a proud moment during her graduation, Mrs. Beekie captured the mood by saying: “Vivid memories of the pomp and ceremony, the visiting dignitaries gowned in their impressive colours, the newly enrolled students overwhelmed by their commitment, and Dr. Lancelot Hogben, Vice Chancellor, delivering his inaugural Dissertation to the attentive ears of that august audience still surface to the mind…”

She also wrote about her University of Guyana experience: “It’s a question of inspiration and sacrifice, excitement and goals, hard work and success,” she wrote. “They followed four years of challenges, dedication, and creativity from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and William [her husband] arriving promptly to take me home to my six children all in bed fast asleep and to the burning of the midnight oil,” Mrs. Beekie reminisced.

Dr. Beekie highlighted that his mother always encouraged other women to pursue their academic dreams and become mentors to fellow women and girls within their communities. He added that his mother was surrounded by inspirational and influential women who recognised her passion and dedication. He explained that his mother’s success would not have been possible without the support of her husband. He said throughout her life, she continued to provide encouragement and mentorship to many young persons up until the time of her passing.

The University of Guyana acknowledges the achievements and contributions of all women serving in various fields, especially those serving at UG and in the education sector in general.

[Feature by the Department of Events, Conferences and Communication (DECC), Office of

the Vice-Chancellor, University of Guyana.]