Rotary Club of Garden City Georgetown unveils peace, mental health benches at schools

The Aquatic Therapy Pool at the Regional Special Education Needs and Disability Diagnostic and Treatment Centre, situated within the premises of the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE),


Foundation Director, Dr Ariane Mangar, organiser of this initiative noted that “Today marks a momentous occasion as we come together to celebrate the unveiling of the peace and mental health benches at these three institutions. These installations signify more than just physical structures; they represent our collective aspirations for a more peaceful and inclusive society. They are tangible reminders of the importance of fostering harmony within our schools and communities and help to raise awareness about mental well-being. The club intends to continue this initiative at other institutions.”
By embracing these initiatives, schools and communities not only acknowledge the importance of mental health but also affirm their commitment to promoting peace and unity among individuals. As these benches become integral parts of public spaces, they symbolize a shared commitment to compassion, empathy, and the belief that everyone deserves a space where they can find solace and support. With each bench installation, we move closer to creating communities that prioritise mental wellness and offer inclusive spaces for all to thrive.
The Rotary Club of Garden City – Georgetown would like to thank its members and supporters are making this project a success.