‘Safe meeting space’ as Mabaruma Settlement gets $3.5M Community Centre

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Sonia Parag and Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal participated in a simple ribbon cutting ceremony (Photo: News Room/March 16, 2024)

According to Parag, the government is committed to ensuring that every citizen is not only empowered economically but also socially.

“The community centre will be one of those projects that will enhance the social being of the people here. You can gather here for many reasons.

“I know that it will bring much joy to every resident here because it will be utilised for the old people to gather and the young people,” Parag said.

She urged that youths in the region to utilise the centre to enhance their skills.

“Many of the community centres around the hinterland and rural areas are being used as a hub that young people can be able to enhance their skills, technologically and so on,” Parag said.

Housing Minister Collin Croal hands over solar lights to residents of Thomas Hill

Before establishing the community centre, community leaders held their meetings at a ball field.

“We does normally go outside at the ball field and everybody hears so we have no secret among ourselves.

“I can assure you that we will be enclosed among ourselves and we will speak…in our quiet time inside here,” Mabaruma Settlement Community Development Councillor, Lynn Hernandes said.

Following the commissioning of the building, 30 solar lights were also handed over to residents of Thomas Hill to enhance security.

“Some parts of the area are very dark and bushy so you have to be careful with bush and snakes and such. So I am really appreciative of this on behalf of our community,” Thomas Hill resident Stephen Benjamin said.