Police, bandits trade bullets after supermarket robbery; one suspect arrested

The motorcycle.

Police reviewed footage from several CCTV cameras and at 16:59 hrs, someone called Vigilance Police Station and reported the matter.

As a result, a police patrol responded promptly, and while proceeding west along Lusignan Prison Road, the suspects were spotted on the motorcycle.

The ranks gave chase and while in pursuit, one of the suspects (pillion rider) discharged several rounds in the direction of the ranks, who returned fire in their direction.

During the chase at Felicity, Railway Embankment, the suspects lost control of the motorcycle and fell into a nearby trench.

Both suspects got up, left the motorcycle, and began running and jumping several fences headed North into a bushy area. The ranks gave chase behind them but they managed to escape.

Police canvased the area where they fell, and one 9mm pistol, one magazine with six live matching rounds and one round in the chamber (total 7); a Samsung cell phone; one black side bag containing a quantity of 20 dollar bills totalling $1,240 and one knife were found on the ground, about one foot away from the motorcycle.

At around 22:25 hrs, acting on information received, Police arrested the suspect who fitted the description of one of the suspects. He was told of the allegation, cautioned, arrested, and taken to Vigilance Police Station, where he was placed into custody to assist with the investigation.