News Room’s Neil Marks & Vishani Ragobeer win climate reporting awards

See below full release from Climate Tracker Caribbean:

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to unveil the exceptional winners of the Caribbean Climate Journalism Awards, in partnership with Open Society Foundations.

These awards aim to honour outstanding journalism that sheds light on the critical issues of climate change and environmental concerns within the Caribbean region. We received an incredible array of submissions, each showcasing the dedication and passion of journalists, storytellers, and communicators in driving awareness and inspiring positive action in the face of climate challenges.

Without further ado, let’s celebrate the remarkable winners across four distinct categories.

Best Climate Justice Story
Neil Marks, 📍 Guyana
Neil Marks is a seasoned journalist with over two decades of experience, covering a diverse range of topics from politics to beauty pageants. He currently serves as the director, producer, and anchor at News Room Inc., a prominent media outlet in Guyana. In 2020, Neil played a pivotal role in upholding democracy during Guyana’s tumultuous election period, earning accolades including a prestigious award from the United Nations Correspondents Association. He holds a Master’s in International Journalism from London, pursues further studies in business administration and law, and boasts proficiency in multiple languages.

Neil’s winning story: “Money from trees: What of Indigenous people and their rights? And do they benefit from the carbon trade?”

Candice Stewart, 📍 Jamaica
Candice Stewart is a dynamic journalist and storyteller known for her ability to craft captivating tales. She is deeply involved in her community, volunteering her time and resources to make a difference. With her insightful writing, she highlights the stories of entrepreneurs, unsung heroes, and communities facing climate challenges.

Despite being an introvert, she embraces life’s adventures and shares her wisdom and humour through her blog. Candice’s passion for climate justice shines through her eloquent prose, as she amplifies the voices of vulnerable communities. Her secret superpower is laughter, which she uses to connect hearts and bring joy to those around her.

Candice’s winning story: “A look at period poverty experiences in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago”


Best Investigative Climate Journalism
Vishani Ragobeer, 📍 Guyana
Vishani is a 24-year-old Guyanese multimedia journalist. She has a keen focus on science journalism and storytelling that connects with people. When she isn’t working, Vishani loves travelling, hiking and being around animals.

Vishani’s winning story: “Washed away: People who help protect the turtles losing their home”


Best Youth Climate Reporter (age 18-24)

Rubí Morillo, 📍 Dominican Republic
Rubí Morillo, is a 23-year-old journalist and video editor known for her ability to create compelling audiovisual content. Graduating with top honours from Santo Domingo’s Tech Institute in 2022, she discovered her passion for investigative journalism and audiovisual production. Starting as an intern at Acento Digital newspaper in 2019, she quickly excelled in video reporting and editing. Currently working at Listín Diario, she elevates multimedia investigations, YouTube videos, and podcasts. In 2023, she won awards for Best Audiovisual and Best Digital Media Coverage at the Environmental Journalism Awards for her documentaries on wildfires and fast fashion. Beyond journalism, Rubí studies Musical Theater and creates lifestyle content for her social media platforms in her free time.

Rubí’s winning story: “Who pays the price of fashion?”


Best Solutions-Oriented Climate Reporting

Laura Castillo, 📍 Dominican Republic
Laura is a graduate in Social Communication with a specialisation in Journalism, graduating from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD). She is 26 years old, a native of La Altagracia, Dominican Republic, but currently resides in Santo Domingo. She works as a reporter for the newspaper Listín Diario, covering political, educational, health and other topics of social interest, in addition to being assigned to the presidential source. Laura has a passion for nature and enjoys the beach and plants. She is proud to be Dominican and highlights the cultural and musical richness of her country. She expresses gratitude for being recognised at the award and feels honoured to be able to contribute by transmitting solutions to environmental problems.

Laura’s winning story: “Transforming sargassum: From animal feed to building blocks and fuel”

Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding contributions to climate journalism in the Caribbean! Your work serves as inspiration, driving awareness and fostering positive change in the face of climate challenges.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants and partners who made this initiative possible. Together, let’s continue to amplify the voices of those on the frontlines of climate change and work towards a sustainable future for the Caribbean.