KFC Elite League: Clubs, referees participate in Round One review

GFF President Wayne Forde (standing right) addressing those present at the session (Photo: GFF)

GFF President Wayne Forde shared that the discussion with the officials from the elite clubs was frank and engaging, resulting in the resolution of several areas of concern by the end of the session.

“I was pleased with the level of participation and I want to thank all of the representatives for attending the review last Saturday. Football stakeholders share a unified goal which is the advancement of the sport in Guyana, with the Elite League playing a key role in our strategic development strategy.”

“We are all looking forward to the start of the second round of the KFC Elite League Season Six later this month,” Forde added.

During the second assessment session overseen by Referee Instructor/Assessor Natasha Lewis, match officials assigned to Season Six underwent a thorough evaluation, during which they were briefed on the concerns raised by players and coaches.

Controversial decisions were scrutinised, with a refresher on the game’s rules provided where necessary. The interactive sessions also emphasised the importance of consistency and sound decision-making in officiating.

Lewis stressed that these discussions are key to “raise the standard of refereeing, protect the image of football, protect the players and ultimately allow the league to run smoothly” for Round Two.

GFF Technical Director Bryan Joseph added that it was “a great initiative that allowed the coaching staff to openly discuss challenges experienced in the first half of the league.”

“The referee committee was also happy to share their thoughts on improving the relationship with the clubs on and off the pitch. We look forward to the other planned workshops, all designed to make our league better.” (GFF)