Gun, ammo, drugs found in Berbice

Police ranks in Region Six on Monday discovered a Beretta Pistol with six live rounds in the magazine and 15 in an ammunition box along with a quantity of suspected cannabis at the Brotherson Pump, Canje River in Berbice.

The ranks, led by a Cadet Officer, visited the area following a report of an alleged cattle larceny, when they made the discovery.

However, while in the area, a horse was seen and during their effort to catch the horse, the ranks found a bucket, containing the firearm and ammunition along with a quantity of cannabis.

During further searches around the area, the ranks found two horse saddles.

A 59-year-old man of Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje, Berbice who was seen cutting grass a short distance, was questioned but denied any knowledge of the firearm and narcotics.

The man was arrested and escorted, along with the firearm and narcotics, to the Whim Police Station, where the cannabis was weighed and amounted to 1,362 grams.

Further investigations are ongoing.